Rick Jennings is
Getting Things Done for District 7

Created Jobs by Revitalizing the Promenade Shopping Center

The Promenade has struggled with historically high vacancies rates. I worked with the owners to recruit new businesses to the center. Established two city staff project managers to help expedite relocation. With seven new businesses and more on the way, the Promenade is an example of local progress. I’m endorsed by construction trades unions, as well as local business groups.

Improved Public Safety, with District 7 Safest in the City

This a not victory statement. We all struggle with the notion of safety and security these days. But together, we’re making progress in District 7, using the latest technology, working with neighborhood leaders and homeowner groups. Local newspapers, Next Door and other social media outlets enhance communication and information.

All this has brought crime down 15% below the five year average, and we are significantly safer than surrounding Districts. Thank you to the Sacramento Police Officers Association for its endorsement.

Levees, Parks, Street Repair and Transportation

Secured funding for local park improvements, including equipment, landscaping, a new dog park, and gopher control. We are working to modernize and reform RT. Their budget has been stabilized, there is greater security and more options for riders, and trains and buses are being replaced with cleaner vehicles. Working with the American River Parkway Coalition we have brought in millions of dollars to expand public access and expand the parkway. Those efforts have earned me the Coalition’s first-ever early endorsement.

Addressing Homelessness

Providing services for our homeless residents is not typically a city service. Working with the Mayor and my City Council Collegues, the City has provided leadership to begin to address this crisis. We have partnered with the County to provide increased mental health services, additional shelters coupled with outreach workers to directly contact homeless individuals in need of service. The additional support services, coupled with the additional funding for shelters are a foundational step that is impacting this issue.